Tear Through Filler

Tear through fillers lightens up the area around the eyes and makes patients look healthier and more energetic.

Under eye darkness is one of the most common aesthetic problems today. No matter how healthy our diet is, sometimes it is impossible to avoid under eye darkness. Under eye darkness is not only women’s, but also men’s nightmare. Dark circles under the eye are treated with filler and people are given a more confident look.

Under eye bags can also be treated with tear through filler. If you think the problems around the eye, make you look tired and older, when you look at the mirror, it is time to get an under eye light filler procedure. With a tiny touch, you will look more energetic, younger and dynamic

What are Tear Trough Fillers?

Before introducing the tear through filler, let’s check why under eye darkness is formed. Particularly after the age 25, under eye circles are seen in one in every two people. The reason for the darkness around the eyes may be insufficient sleep, vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, alcohol consumption and smoking. For some, on the other hand, under eye darkness is completely genetic. It is very difficult to treat under eye darkness in a short time with natural methods. It will take a long time for under eye darkness to disappear, even if you change your lifestyle.

You can use today’s most effective methods to get rid of the under-eye darkness. Tear through filler consists of hyaluronic acid filler and multi vitamin complex. Hyaluronic acid affects and removes bags and darkness around the eyes. Multivitamin components, on the other hand, makes renewed cells to be permanent for a long time, and extends the life of filler application.

Under eye filler is FDA approved and is safely applied all over the world. The eye area has a very complicated anatomical structure and therefore the doctor who will perform the filler procedure should be experienced in the doctor’s field.

Why Undergo Tear Trough Filler?

Tear through filler is generally applied to people with bruises on the lower eyelid, dark circles on the lower eyelid, and moderate bagging problems on the lower eyelid. With under eye filler, the person can get rid of bruises, dark circles and bagging problems around the eyes with tiny touches in a very short time without surgical intervention. Under eye filler gives more effective and beautiful results in people who are younger and have smaller under-eye bags.

How Long do Fillers Under Eye Last?

As soon as the under-eye filler is applied, the difference under the eyes of the person becomes visible. You can observe this situation during the application by comparing your applied eye with your untreated eye. After the application of tear through filler, a little edema may occur under the eyes. This edema disappears within a week. In some patients, although it is very rare, bruises may occur and the bruises heal within 1 week. Under-eye filler is not permanent for life. The permanence of the under-eye filler can vary between 1 and 1.5 years. It can be repeated later.

Can Filler Fix Under Eye Circles?

In general, women experience problems under their eyes when they reach the age of 30. And almost every woman has problems with under eye circles. This situation can be based on genetics, sleep problems, alcohol use and allergic problems.

When the eye structure is examined, the eyeball is located in a bone structure that we call the orbital pit. The eyeball and eye muscles are wrapped with special packages. The structure called the orbital septum acts as a barrier in front of the structures that fill the orbit. This septum cannot support fat bags due to genetic structure or as it ages.

Therefore, it is obvious from the outside. Facial bone structure of people gets thinner as they get older. However, tissue loss occurs under the eye due to sagging in the soft tissue of the face. This creates a gap under the eye. Even if the space is small, it can appear much larger with the shadow effect. Under-eye filler is the solution at this point. Tear through filler is effective for under eye collapses, dark circles and under eye circles.