Use of Personal Data

In accordance with the procedures and principles of the LAW ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA NO. 6698 (“KVKK”), we inform you about the protection of your personal data.


As established in Turkey, in our capacity as the data controller, we inform you that your personal data that we have obtained in the ways specified below;

  • Within the scope of the service relationship with our company,
  • In a related, limited, and measured manner within the purpose that requires processing,
  • By maintaining the accuracy and most current state of the personal data you have reported to us or as reported,
  • Are being recorded, stored, and preserved. By law, these personal data are shared with institutions authorized to request and can only be transferred, assigned, and processed in other ways specified in the KVKK to third parties within the country under the conditions foreseen by the KVKK.


As, we collect your personal data that we request from you for the establishment of health services and transactions provided by us, the continuation of health services and transactions, the notification of services and transactions provided by us, the making of announcements, and also due to the obligations and legal reasons foreseen in the laws we are subject to, through your verbal, physical, or electronic communication to us. Your personal data processed by us in accordance with the law will be deleted, destroyed, or anonymized by our company upon the elimination of the reason for processing personal data, the end of the legal storage period, or your request.


Your personal data; primarily within the scope of the services and activities provided by our institution, we share with our institution personnel who will establish the relevant transaction, for the completion of your registration processes and to communicate with you regarding the services provided by us. However, personal data can be transferred to expert companies in that field or to the servers of the applications we use from time to time within the scope of explicit consent, to be able to carry out certain activities, to make announcements, and to keep the records of the people we serve in a healthy way, to be stored safely.

  • In order to deliver the notifications and announcements that need to be made to you regarding the services provided by us, we can transfer your address information to cargo companies and the postal organization, the electronic message company, only for the purpose of sending and notifying.
  • In case we need technical support, the consultancy firms we receive support from and the switchboard company may need to access our systems from time to time, and therefore your data in the relevant systems may be accessible for these companies. However, necessary measures are taken to prevent these companies from using your personal data.

In accordance with Article 11 of the KVKK, from, provided that you prove your identity, you have the rights regarding your personal data;

  • To learn whether personal data about you is processed, if processed, to request information about it,
  • To learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose,
  • To access your personal data and request these data,
  • In case your personal data is processed incompletely or incorrectly, you have the right to request their correction.

We present this information for your knowledge.

Best regards.