Ozone Treatment

What is Medical Ozone?

Ozone is obtained from medical oxygen by means of special generators for medical use. Medical ozone is always used as a mixture of pure ozone and pure oxygen. Depending on the application, the ozone concentration is 1 and 100 ugr / ml. (0.05-5%) is between. Physician trained in ozone therapy adjusts the dosage according to the patient’s condition and medical indication.

It increases the formation of white blood cells (defense cells and protects against infections), increases their function.

It kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is the most powerful natural and waste-free disinfectant.

It strengthens the immune system and increases the resistance to infections.

It is the curative in the treatment of diseases caused by the immune system deviation with its immune system regulating feature.

It prevents the rapidly growing cancer cells from multiplying and spreading.

It increases the elasticity of red blood cells (red cells carrying oxygen in the blood) and accelerates the passage through capillaries.

It increases the oxygenation of organs by increasing the ability of the blood to release oxygen to the tissues.

Accelerates intracellular respiration (obtaining the energy source necessary for the cell to function).

It helps cleaning chemicals in our body with its detoxifying feature.

(Heavy metal poisoning, such as lead, mercury, insecticides, drug waste, acidic substances, aggravate the removal of agricultural drug residues.)

It shows the pain relieving feature by enabling the natural painkillers in our body to be exposed.

It reduces the consistency of the blood, ensures its fluidity, thereby ensuring the plaque on the vessel wall to soften and dissolve the plugs in the small blood vessels, thereby regulating circulation.


Major Ozone: With this most commonly used method, 50-100 ml of blood is taken from the patient and it is returned to the person after mixing with the determined ozone.

Minor Ozone: 2-5 cc blood taken from the person is mixed with a specified dose of ozone and injected intramuscularly.

Subcutaneous Application: Ozone gas of specified dose and volume is injected under the skin with a fine tip needle.

Giving Ozone Gas to Body Cavities: Ozone can be given by breech, by spraying to the vaginal and ear canal.

Giving Ozone Gas into the Joint: In case of joint disorders, a certain dose of ozone gas is given into the joint with a suitable needle.

Bagging Method: It is a method used in the treatment of difficult-to-close wounds like diabetic wounds.

Use of Ozonized Products: Ozone water can be applied as an external application of ozonated liquids such as ozonated oil.


• Improves blood circulation to cells and tissues
• Rejuvenates veins, provides blood pressure regulation
• Improves joint pain and muscle ailments
• Strengthens the immune system
 It provides skin renewal by increasing the blood circulation of the skin. It gives a cleaner, softer and more enlarged skin.
• It allows the skin to function like a third kidney or a second lung system.
• It restores hormone and enzyme production to normal.
• Improves brain functions and strengthens memory.
• It helps to relieve depression by oxidizing Adrenaline, called stress hormone.
• It cleans the blood and lymphatic system.
• It increases the flexibility of the muscles by removing toxins accumulated in the muscles.
• It relieves chronic fatigue.
• Regulates concentration disorders.
• It has an effect to increase sexual desire and performance.