Nose Mesotherapy Filler (Non-surgical Nose Aesthetics)

Tissue fillers for non-surgical rhinoplasty (injection rhinoplasty) have become a reasonable option for many patients to improve the nasal hump, fill a depression, improve the shape of a crooked nose, and lift the tip of the nose.

Improvement of nasal deformities and cosmetic corrections will be possible with mesotherapy and supported additional protocols.

The procedure should be performed with suitable products for the transparent nasal tissue called hyaluronic acid, paying attention to anatomical structures. It is also important that the doctor performing the procedure is experienced and has previously received training in this field.

It should not be forgotten that although injection rhinoplasty is a very good option for many cases, it is still not an alternative to surgery.

The use of tissue fillers in the nose will depend on the type and degree of the existing deformity, the patient’s expectations, and finally the doctor’s assessment.

Injection rhinoplasty may not be suitable for every patient. You should make a decision by consulting your doctor.