Hair Loss Treatment Methods

The problem of hair loss in men is as common as 95%. The most important reason is hereditary transmission. Stressful life, very sudden and severe psychological traumas are among the other causes of hair loss. Hair loss in men is usually seen in old age, but can start from 20 years old. Hair loss, especially at younger ages, causes both aesthetic and psychological problems. Male type hair loss starts at the top of the head or at the forehead. Hair in the side and back of the head remains. Nowadays, the process of hair loss is slowed by many different methods. In different methods, baldness problems are eliminated through hair transplantation by using the remaining hair in the side and nape region.

Prp Application in Male Type Hair Loss


One of the methods of hair loss treatment is prp process. It is an application that is performed when the hair loss begins to appear seriously. Rejuvenation of the skin tissue from the hair area of the patient prevents hair loss. The skin is rejuvenated by injecting the plasma skin tissue created using the patient’s own blood, and the ability of the tissue to renew itself is increased. As there is no incision, there is no marks left; the patient can return to normal life after the sessions. Since plasma is produced from the patient’s own blood, it is an application for rapid, practical and successful results that do not develop allergies.

The most important point of prp hair treatment is that the application is done by the experts. The blood taken from the patient before PRP is taken to the tubes under sterile conditions and placed in centrifuge. The blood is decomposed from the ingredients that make it up. After this procedure lasting 10 -15 minutes, the part of the plasma that is rich in terms of thrombocyte and growth factor is obtained. Plasma is injected subcutaneously with special needles and PRP application is completed. According to the patient’s needs, treatment with PRP is administered 4 to 5 sessions, which are repeated every 15-20 days.

After the rejuvenation of the scalp, the effect on hair is observed over time. The effects seen as thickening of the hair and reduction of hair loss are seen after the third application.


Hair Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

It is an application similar to the Prp method. While plasma application is made in prp, in mesotherapy, a mixture consisting of vitamins, minerals, minoxidil and organic silica is injected under the hair skin. Thus, the hair roots are fed and the quality increases. Hair loss rate slows down. The frequency of this treatment increases the success achieved.