Gold Needle Radiofrequency Treatment

Nowadays, it is possible to eliminate the problems that occur in many parts of people’s body by using many different methods. One of these methods is the gold needle radiofrequency treatment. It is also called Fractional Radiofrequency, Fractional Needle Radiofrequency, Needle Radiofrequency, Needle Fractional Radiofrequency or Intracel.

Golden needle treatment is a method that allows the delivery of radiofrequency waves under the skin with a special device. The needles in the head of this device are made of gold, and therefore the treatment is called the Golden Needle.


In this treatment method, the upper layer of the skin is damaged in the least way, and micro holes are created from different points with the gold needles to provide better distribution of frequencies. In this way, a single point of the skin is shot, preventing the damage on the area

What is Golden Needle Radiofrequency Treatment? How is it applied?

  • Preparatory Phase
    Before application, a cream with an anesthetic effect is applied to the skin and a slight numbness of the skin is ensured.
    • Application Phase
    The prepared skin is brought into contact with the gold needle device and the device automatically fires to the depth it has been previously set. Thanks to the radiofrequency reaching the skin from the golden needles, the skin is re-structured.
    • Application Period
    Although the application time varies according to the application area, it is completed between 30 and 60 minutes.


Gold needle radiofrequency therapy is used for many different purposes and creates quite a variety of benefits. The gold needle treatment, which provides skin renewal, helps to remove the wrinkles on the skin and to regain elasticity of the skin. This treatment, which plays a major role in skin regeneration, wages war against aging and eliminates problems such as cracks, scars and sagging on the skin. It acts as a kind of skin resurfacing and rejuvenation process. Golden needle radiofrequency therapy is an effective method for skin regeneration.

Applications of Gold Needle Radiofrequency Treatment

  • Treatment of skin wrinkles
    • Tightening of pores
    • Sagging on the face, neck and decollete area
    • Scar treatment
    • Skin regeneration and skin quality improvement
    • Treatment of sagging in the arms and legs
    • Treatment of skin blemishes
    • Treatment of acne scars
    • Treatment of cracks due to weight gain/loss
    • Treatment of cracks that occur during pregnancy

Things to Know About Gold Needle Radio Frequency Application

  • It is a method that works for everyone with sagging, loosening, fine lines on their skin. In advanced cases, cancer patients and people with a history of cancer disease are generally not treated.
  • There are no risks in gold needle radiofrequency treatment. Mild rashes on the skin is also very natural and temporary.
  • Before the application of gold needle radiofrequency treatment, a cream with an anesthetic effect is applied to the skin. In this way, your pain is eliminated.
  • Golden needle radiofrequency treatment is required for at least 3 sessions to achieve the best results.
  • Fractora fractional, i.e. golden needle radiofrequency treatment method immediately shows the effect. However, it would be best to wait for 2 weeks after the application to see more visible results.