Botox is applied at all ages to get rid of lines and wrinkles in the skin by stopping the release of muscle to remove wrinkles. Generally, it is widely applied by specialists in the aesthetic field all over the world in order to remove small and medium level creases and stop the formation of lines.

Toxin obtained from the type of bacteria named Clostridium Botulinum is the active ingredient of Botox. When applied to wrinkles, it prevents the transmission of signals from the nerve endings to the muscles in the area and temporarily paralyzes the muscles and removes the existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new wrinkles. This substance, which is produced in laboratory environment, is also used in low doses in treatments (neurological diseases, muscle diseases, eye diseases).

Botox Applications for Wrinkles


It is frequently preferred for advantages such as short, fast results in the removal of wrinkles caused by frowning around the nose, edge of the lip, tip of the jaw, eye area and forehead. Botox has emerged in the 80s and has been used for treatment in various areas until today.

It can be applied to people who suffer from both minimal wrinkles and non-deep wrinkles. It is used actively in the treatment of problems such as sweating, tooth tightening and migraine, especially in the correction of wrinkles in certain areas of the skin. If the amount of wrinkles on the face is too deep to be removed by this application, face filling applications can be used. Your specialist will determine this preference.

“Botox, usage of which has been expanding over the years, has been used in sweating treatment in recent years.“

How is Botox Performed?

The process, which starts after analyzing the drawn area, can be performed by specialists. No adverse side effects were observed when applied under appropriate conditions. It requires knowledge of anatomy and muscle structure, can cause negative results if it is carried out in places far away from the non-qualified clinical environment. The area to be treated is started by applying cream with local anesthetic effect. Then the appropriate dose of Botox (Clostridium Botulinum toxin) is administered under the skin with minimal injectors and the process is finished.

Effects of Botox on the Skin

How Long Does It Take to Effect? The effect time of Botox, i.e. botulinum A exotoxin varies after application. But the most important aspect is that it can be applied by injecting without requiring surgery. Generally, it is known to have effect between 3 and 5 months. It may be necessary to renew after these periods. Although it varies by individual, permanent effect may be achieved after a few applications. Small injection tools are used in applications. The medicine is administered to the area with wrinkles and within a week, it begins to show effects. It is observed that the muscle movements that cause wrinkles in the existing area are stopped after the procedures. This is effective in reducing wrinkles. The duration of the procedure is quite short. It is completed in about ten minutes.

“A more dynamic and youthful look can be achieved with the Botox process, which helps to remove wrinkles and lines from the face.”

Is Botox detrimental?

People can have a variety of worries about whether or not it has any harm to the skin. It is generally aimed to stop the movements of the muscles causing wrinkles. It is wondered whether this will damage the muscles or not. The function of the muscles is temporarily lost and the loss of the functions of these muscles does not cause any damage to the skin. In addition, the existing wrinkles disappear. Therefore, there will be no problems such as muscle deformation after the application. The application can be done safely because it does not cause any damage. Even as it is thought, people with Botox do not lose their facial expressions because the muscles are temporarily paralyzed and the muscles begin to regain their mobility in about 4-6 months. Even if applied at low doses, mimics can also be preserved. Therefore, Botox application does not cause any damage to the skin.

When to make Botox on wrinkles on the face?

If it is administered early on the wrinkles that form on the face, the formation of wrinkles can be prevented. However, the formation of wrinkles and lines does not mean that the process is overdue. Skin rejuvenation can be done with Botox applied to wrinkles.

Is there an age limit for the process? The procedure can be applied to everyone around the age of 18-60 with wrinkles and lines. In general, Botox treatment is recommended in the early 30s, and it can be done in the early years when wrinkles begin. In this way, the formation of wrinkles is prevented.