Dr. Nedim Bakırcı

Dr. Nedim Bakırcı has graduated from Gazi University in Ankara. Throughout years, he worked in hospitals and dialysis establishments. He has owned and worked in multiple dialysis centers and surgeries.

Nedim Bakirci has worked in training for medical personnel and private medical care services. The areas of which include: mesotherapy, ozone, cup therapy, hirudotherapy, and traditional complementary medicine. Spent years establishing and operating national/international health services, importing/exporting medical goods and devices. Since 2013, we have been providing services in beauty and medical aesthetic field.

Our Vision

We are currently continuing our traninings, and works in national and international universities. In addition to that, we also currently operate multiple medical, beauty, and aesthetic businesses internationally. We are aiming to establish ourselves as an innovative global brand in medical aesthetic training and application.

We are always in contact with advisors and partner doctors in medical aesthetic organisations as part of our vision. We aim to provide the most correct information to the people, and to provide the cutting-edge equipment, products and treatments which makes our clients’ well-being a reality.